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CONFIRM your Work Location - Search
  1. Who
    You must indicate where you are employed, this information is required in order to book your reservations at the Employee rate.

  2. How - Saved Work Location
    If you previously saved your confirmed work location, then a cookie was set on your local machine and you will see that saved location information rather than a search form. If this location is still correct, simply select "Continue". You may change your saved work location by selecting "This is not my work location" to conduct a new search.

  3. How - Work Location Search
    In order to search for the name of the owned/managed or franchise location at which you work, please enter a city and state (inside the U.S.) or select a country (outside the U.S.). NOTE: Corporate employees who work from a hotel or remote location should indicate their base office location.

    • Location Type
      Please indicate whether you work at a hotel or an office. If you work at a hotel, you'll also need to indicate the brand for which you work.

    • Where
      After you click Find it, you'll see a list of hotels or offices that match your searched location. Please select your workplace from the names provided and click "Continue" to begin your Team Member rate search.

    • Don't see it in the list?
      If you don't see your workplace listed in the results, you may select "Enter your work location (not listed)" to enter your work location information and continue with your Team Member or Hilton Family Travel Program search and reservation booking.

  4. Standard Rate Search
    If you wish to view available public room rates, rather than employee rates, please close your browser window(s) and visit any Hilton Family site.

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